The little things that matter

It’d like to give a shout out to my editor and to @damonashworthpsychology for their support, every bit counts!

Now to the point: I will use this site to document my actions and hope to have others use this as a guide to come out as successful as me.

At the moment…

My daily goals are:

  • Do 200 push ups
  • 20 mins abs workout
  • Read a book on business (finance, communication, accounting, psychology, etc.)
  • Build capital ($10k by the end of the year) for a coffee business near me.

In 6 months I will have:

  • More knowledge on coffee, and the land under a contract to own a drive-thru for coffee, as well as the equipment to produce it.

At the end of the year:

  • Break even with my business and strengthen my business by marketing. More details to come. Using the profits from my business I will purchase real estate to develop passive income.

In 5 years:

  • Develop a software/product company.

I will show all my progress on a bi-weekly basis starting this month to show progress. I hope to see you as successful as I am soon!


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