Abs workout with no diet
I continue but I realize that I may have to begin focusing on the diet part.

Taken on the 4th of March I’ve made some progress.

My workout consist of the 200 push up a day challenge, but I skip out on a day or two so that I never stop doing it. Also, I get lazy sometimes. The other workout routine I perform is the “abs workout – level 3,2,1” A simple search on YouTube can get you this. I’ll also post the links below:

The current issue I run into is food/diet. I eat a little more than I should, but food is super delicious. What is the point in life if you can’t enjoy it?

Regardless, for the future I am hoping to purchase a treadmill for cardio and control my diet more efficiently.

Stay safe, focus, aim, and shoot for the moon.

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