Fitness and Diet Options



  • Workout Routine
    • 20 sets of 20 push-ups. (Total of 200 push ups a day)
    • Levels 1-3 Abs workout on YouTube.
    • Recommendation: 5 sets of 1-2 mins on the treadmill at max settings in between push ups or abs workout.
    • Take a one day break.
  • Diet
    • Avoiding sugar products.
      • Soda, candy, cake, etc.
      • Have some whenever you deserve it, you will know.
    • Ensuring you get all your nutrients.
      • Vegetables, Fruits, and so forth.
    • Snacking on small snacks that don’t mess up your diet.
  • Take Your Time
    • It takes time to adjust to this lifestyle so take it one day at a time.
    • You can bend the routine every once in a while and eat like there’s no tomorrow, life is too short not to.

The Big Read

Before I get started let me just say congratulations on pushing yourself to look after your body and for motivating yourself to stay fit. With that said, if you want to use my workout routine I highly recommend not to push yourself. The reason is because staying fit is a habit NOT a one time solution, if it was then we would all be careless about our diet.

In my previous post I mentioned that I would post pictures of myself on a bi-monthly basis with the whole workout routine, but I realized that there really isn’t much to show every 15 days if I’m not putting effort on the diet side of things…

That changes today.

So a quick run down of my old diet.

  • Breakfast consisted of Italian bread, turkey, and egg whites with cheese. Also coffee.
  • Snacks consisted of random cereals, fruits, granola bars, etc. Whatever I was in the mood for.
  • Lunch was usually homemade soup or rice with chicken.
  • More snacks.
  • No soda unless I felt like it, which was once a month. I mostly craved the fizzle taste and the sugar there was a bonus.
  • Sweet breads was one of my high packed sugar snacks that I’d eat when no one was looking.
  • Finally for when the days were lazy I would just order fast food (Pizza, Hamburgers, McChicken).

So in reality you could get a nice set of abs without working out if you focused only on your diet which is great but I like to have muscles to use so that isn’t going to fit my bill.

The Game Plan

The first thing to tackle is sugar. Why? Well after having worked out for 2-3 months I noticed I was getting a good set of muscles and I began to eat less since my stomach shrank to accommodate the muscles. The problem became when my belly would not go away after a longer period of time which left me looking great from the shoulder up and from the waist below. I figured why not just focus on working out my abs so I can satisfy my drive to look good? Did not work out so great since the belly wasn’t going away and I was getting disappointed in myself.

So after some research from an article “How to stop eating sugar” by David Leonhardt at the New York Times and watching a YouTube  video from Adam Ruins Everything I figured ‘let’s tackle sugar’. It was the next logical thing I could think of and after looking at the nutritional facts on my snacks and others. In conclusion, I think I found sugar to be the culprit.

I will now update my diet to minimize my sugar intake to a daily dosage of 25 grams because we’re passionate about this and we rock. Also based on David’s health experts “A typical adult should not eat more than 50 grams (or about 12 teaspoons) of added sugars per day, and closer to 25 is healthier.”. I’d recommend giving the article a good reading since it provides valuable information that can be very beneficial to you as well as the video on Adam Ruins Everything since it provides good information with entertainment. Although it may seem like I am against sugar I will be the one updating my diet and it will be up to you to see if my research proves correct or not. We all gotta start somewhere right?

On a final note, let’s not forget that your drive to look good is what brings you here and if there’s anything else that I can help you with let me know by shooting me an email or comment below. Your question may help others!

Have an awesome day!


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