Summary of the Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort

Let’s begin!

So I read the book, highlighted important details, and sticky noted important areas. Here’s what I found:

This book is a genuine book for helping you succeed in becoming a better seller and several good techniques to employ to help you accelerate your success. With that said I highly recommend reading it and watching YouTube videos online with JB; along with practice in real life to help you apply this information. The book is something I highly recommend buying because it is something that can be referenced and it covers a lot more. I would NOT however pay for his courses which can run you up to $1,500.00 because most of the information can be found online and in his book. This can be accomplished via online or your local library without wasting an outrageous amount.

Parts You Should Focus

Define: Buyer – Someone who is interested in what you have. This could range from a candy to a person to an idea. (This could also be you when you’re dating, going for a job interview, etc.)

  1. Do you have a buyer?
    • If yes, then you are going in the right direction.
      • This can vary from a maybe to a yes.
      • “Always put your best foot first” or as JB likes to say, “Sharp as a tac”. By putting your best effort at the start from the way you look to the way you talk you show that you value their time.
    • If no, then you risk potentially wasting your time. Time that could’ve been used to get an actual yes.
  2. If the answer is yes, then familiarize yourself with them.
    • What are their hobbies?
    • What do they like? Dislike? etc.
    • By doing this it shows where they are comfortable, are they open to new ideas, etc. Information is key to winning.
  3. Watch yourself
    • Watch your body language, tone, and state of mood.
      • You want to be enthusiastic about the product (candy-you). You also want to show that you are open to hearing about their problem and how you can solve it. This is expressed by your voice, your posture, etc. An example: Imagine you are selling your used phone in a fast food restaurant and your legs and face direction is towards the door. From a buyer’s perspective he sees a sketchy person selling something that may be defective or stolen.
    • Listen
      • When you are talking you aren’t listening. It’s important to talk about your product but don’t over do it. Otherwise you’re just another sleazy salesperson.
      • Additionally, by listening you are paying attention to their situation and problems and figuring out how your product can help them.
  4. MAJOR CORES: The 3 Tens
    • Your product
      • Ex: Candy – Idea- You. Quality? Warranty? Basically how you present your product, and why your product will bring a positive value to their lives. (Relationship, material, spiritual, etc.)
    • You
      • Ex: Who are you? Who are they? It’s the part where they learn to trust you and how well they connect with you.
    • Your company
      • Ex: People who stand behind your reputation and theirs as well. (Company, friends, family, professionals, clients, etc.) Additionally this could be mutual friends in a relationship.

Break Time

For now I have other work to attend to and this is just the beginning of the book. If you want to learn more you can purchase the book online via Amazon or other online retailers. For a cheaper version you can purchase it at Thriftbooks for great deals! For free you can just go to your local library. Otherwise you can wait until I update next time!

Thank you and have an awesome day!





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